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MJM Law Office handles many types of cases in Eugene, Oregon to bench and jury trials including DUI, Criminal and Traffic.

If you want a Eugene DUI Lawyer who will personally handle your file and be available for consultation 24/7, someone who will fairly evaluate your case and determine your most favorable course of action, hire us.

Our philosophy is to find out as much as we can about the facts of the case and talk to anyone who can help our defense. The stronger our defense appears to the prosecutor, the better our chances are of getting a favorable result.

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Attorney Max J. Mizejewski

Max Mizejewski (pronounced Mejeski) received his undergraduate degree from the University of California at Berkeley. Max graduated with a Juris Doctor from Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College and went on to work in the public sector before entering private practice. As Manager of the Oregon Department of Transportation Environmental Unit, Max gained valuable experience negotiating, problem solving and working through confrontational issues with emotionally charged individuals. Max brings this experience to his private practice which focuses on DUII Cases & Criminal Defense.

Max will take the time to understand each client’s unique situation and specific needs, research the facts and the law and advise clients on all of their options. Max will discuss whether certain evidence can be suppressed, the dynamics of negotiating an acceptable plea deal, and the potential risks and rewards of taking your case to a jury trial. Max represents clients in criminal prosecutions at the city, state and federal levels. Max’s experience with the law and strategic mindset make him the right advocate to have on your side.

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I personally communicate with you whenever possible. If I am in Court when you call, you can leave a message. I personally guarantee you will hear back from me in 24-hours, or less – most often, much less. My office phone is (541) 505-9872.

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My level of experience, knowledge of the law in Eugene, Oregon, and personal familiarity with the judges, prosecutors, and system is a great advantage. In addition my personal and regular contact with clients, availability and involvement with every aspect of the case bring the most favorable results.

Note: In all cases, people convicted of a DUI will be ordered to complete a drug/alcohol assessment and treatment program, attend a Victim Impact Panel, and be on probation to the court. Additionally, the DMV will suspend the license of anyone that blows 0.08% or higher for 90 days and for 1 year for a refusal to blow. DMV suspension starts 30 days after the date of the incident.

WARNING: If you fail or refuse the breath test, your license will be confiscated and the DMV will automatically suspend your driving privileges anywhere from three months to a year or more. YOU ONLY HAVE TEN DAYS TO REQUEST A HEARING TO CONTEST YOUR LICENSE SUSPENSION.

Oregon DUI Definitions

"Per Se" Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Level

As of August 2005, Oregon has DUI laws that deem “per se intoxicated” any driver with a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) at or above .08 percent. This means that Eugene drivers with a BAC at or above .08 are intoxicated in the eyes of the law, and no additional proof of driving impairment is necessary.

"Zero Tolerance" Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Level

Oregon carries “zero tolerance” laws that target drivers under the legal drinking age. These laws penalize persons under 21 for operating a vehicle in Eugene with any trace of alcohol in their systems (a BAC above 0.0), or with negligible BAC levels such as .01 or .02 percent.

"Enhanced Penalty" Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Level

Oregon imposes harsher penalties on DUI offenders with a BAC of .15% or greater at the time of the offense. DUI offenders in Eugene with a BAC at or above Oregon’s enhanced penalty standards face additional jail time and harsher fines.

"Implied Consent" Laws

“Implied consent” laws require vehicle drivers to submit to some form of chemical test, such as breath, blood, or urine testing, if suspected of DUI. If a driver in Eugene refuses to submit to such testing, the implied consent law carries a one year driver’s license suspension.

Mandatory Alcohol Education and Assessment/Treatment

Alcohol education and treatment /assessment penalties for DUI offenders Eugene, Oregon can include mandatory attendance at DUI prevention programs, and assessment of potential alcohol dependency problems. Such programs are often made “conditions” of a suspended sentence or probation, meaning that a DUI offender can avoid jail time and payment of hefty fines if he or she completes participation in the program.

Ignition Interlock

A vehicle ignition interlock breath-testing device measures a vehicle operator’s BAC, and will prevent operation of the vehicle if more than a minimal amount of alcohol is detected (i.e. BAC level of .02). DUI offenders will usually be required to pay the costs of installation, rental, and maintenance of an ignition interlock device. An ignition interlock device is required as a condition of diversion on all cases occurring after January 1st of 2012.


J.D., Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR
International Law Program, Udayana University, Bali, Indonesia
B.A., University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA


– Oregon State Bar
– Federal Bar
– Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
– American Association for Justice
– Multnomah Bar Association
– Lane County Bar Association


– United States Department of the Interior, Solicitors Office
– Energy Trust of Oregon, General Counsel

Public Sector Experience

– Oregon Department of Transportation, Environmental Section
– City of Portland, City Nature West



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Do you need a DUI Lawyer?

Every state has some sort of “driving while intoxicated” statute. The term “driving while intoxicated” is in quotes because none of these laws require that you be “drunk” or “intoxicated” to be guilty. All that is required is that your ability to operate a vehicle has been impaired to any extent at all or that your Blood alcohol level exceeds the state limit (which is now .08% in all states).

a DUI Lawyer can help. . . .

Assess your legal situation

An experienced DUI Defense lawyer can help you understand what you are up against and the fines you may be required to pay. A DUI lawyer mostly deals with DUI matters and knows the process inside and out – including options that a public defender may not tell you.

Explain the Consequences

The consequences of a DUI vary greatly from state to state and a DUI lawyer will be able to explain how those consequences in your state apply to you such as (1) harsher punishments for those arrested with BAC limits over .08, (2) special laws for underage drivers arrested for DWI , (3) possible community service or plea bargaining, (4) overlapping jurisdiction of Courts and your state’s motor vehicle licensing department to suspend or revoke your license, and (5) contingent license programs that allow you to use your vehicle to get to and from work.

Manage the process

Dealing with the motor vehicle department can be frustrating and time consuming. A DUI Lawyer can manage the process for you by completing the required forms; making phone calls; scheduling and/or representing you at a Motor Vehicle Department suspension hearing, and making other necessary arrangements.

Represent you in court

An experienced DUI Lawyer knows the ins and outs of the courtroom and may be able to obtain a lesser sentence for you if your situation and state law allows for it.

Andrew Smith

DUI Legal Representation

I called Max Mizejewski at MJM Law Offices and inquired about DUI Legal Representation in early July 2023. Max called me back the same day within 1 hour and walked me through my options and legal services he could provide. I interviewed 3 different local Eugene-based criminal attorneys that week and found in my research and conversations that Max was extremely knowledgeable + well respected by the Lane County District Court Judges, District Attorney’s office and local Recovery Programs. (see full review)


Kristen Irizarry

Communicative and Helpful

Max and Tatum are the most communicative and helpful individuals you can find to get you through an intimidating legal process. From day one, they were compassionate, respectful, and willing to help in any way possible with a very sensitive incident that I experienced. I felt safe enough talking with Max to be vulnerable and open with what happened to me the night of my charges, and he supported me in the biggest way possible just by stating he believed me. (see full review)


Henri Heidecke

No Less Than Exceptional!

Max and Tatum are no less than exceptional!

Their support, guidance, patience, and professionalism during an especially miserable time of my life was unparalleled.

After making a terrible mistake and being charged with a DUII and Reckless Driving, Max and Tatum guided me towards the best possible outcome, taking an enormous burden off my mind and providing an opportunity for me to focus on some very necessary self improvement. (see full review)


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At the MJM Law Office, we are committed to protecting your freedom, your record and your rights. Attorney Max J. Mizejewski has vast legal experience in the fields of criminal law, personal injury and family law matters. If you are in need of serious legal representation you need an experienced attorney to help you get through this difficult time in you life. Max J. Mizejewski works hard to get his clients the best possible outcome for their situation. This is true no matter what the case may be.

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